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A Math Problem

Help us calculate permutations!

The Demi Essentials Palette

The Essential Colors are now available in the Demi Palette!

Cleaning the Pocket Palette

Video demo with tips and techniques.

Tools for Inspiration

What do you carry for inspiration to keep you going?

Filling Palette Pans

I made a video demonstration with tips for filling palette pans.

Expeditionary Art Palette

A palette filled with 14 of my favorite paints.

Atmospheric Landscapes Demo

Video demo for creating simple, layered landscapes.


I’ve teamed up with my talented friends to offer a giveaway.

Demi Palette & Palette Variations

Meet the newest member of the Art Toolkit family!

30×30 Watercolor 2019, Part 1

A series of small, fast, watercolor sketches.

The Big Impact Special Edition Palette

Announcing the Big Impact Special Edition palette for the 30×30 Direct Watercolor Challenge 2019

Art Toolkit Education Program

Full-time students and educational institutions may apply for my program.

Eco-Conscious Packaging

I am transitioning to plastic-free packaging for the Art Toolkit.

Purple Art Toolkits!

A new color for the Art Toolkits this Spring.

The Ultimate Mixing Palette

Announcing a special edition palette in collaboration with Jane Blundell!

Greenleaf & Blueberry Special Edition

A beautiful 6-color palette with artisanal handmade watercolors.

The Essential Colors Palette

Now available, the six color Essential Colors Palette!

Greenleaf & Blueberry Collaboration

The Field Sketch Palette filled with 14 handmade watercolor paints.

The Draw Your Day Palette

Announcing a special collaboration with artist Samantha Dion Baker.

The Direct Watercolor Palette

Announcing a limited edition palette in collaboration with artist Marc Taro Holmes!

New Black Palette

Same compact size, this new color goes with everything!

Art Toolkit Design Update

Art Toolkits made in Seattle, design changes and new colors!