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Ferry Love

The WA State ferry system turns 65 years this month.

Palette 2.0

Learn about the latest updates to the Pocket Palette!

Creative Custom Pans

A creative solution for carrying more colors in a single palette.

Art Toolkit in Action

Australian artist Helen Lovett shares her Pocket Art Toolkit.

New! Pocket Art Toolkit

I’m happy to announce the launch of the Pocket Art Toolkit!

Art Toolkit in Action: Skagit Valley

It’s inspiring to see how other artists use their Art Toolkits!

Fresh Palettes for Vacation

I’ve prepped my palettes with fresh colors for an adventure to Vancouver Island.

Pocket Palette in Action: Mexico City

Sketches and travel tools by artist Kay French.

Palette Update and Tips

Announcing a small update to the Pocket Palette.

New! Pocket Mister

The Pocket Mister is now available in my shop.

Travel Brushes

I’m experimenting with travel brushes in my art kit.

Pocket Palette in Mexico

Sketches from Taxhimay, Mexico, by Victor Márquez.

Around Town

I’ve had fun sketching around town this last week.

Pocket Palette in Action: Kirkland

Sketches from Kirkland’s Marina Park by Anna Braden.

Daniel Smith events

I had a wonderful time with Daniel Smith this past week.

Pocket Palette in Action

Janet shares her lovely sketches from her travels to Germany.

Mixing Pans

I’m experimenting with an extra-large mixing pan for the Pocket Palette.

San Juan Vacation

Sketches from my San Juan island adventure vacation.

Pocket Palette in Action

The palette is put to use to create a lovely sketch in Pennsylvania.

Storing Sketches

These are my solutions for storing my Art Toolkit field sketches.

Waterbrush Refill Syringe

This small syringe is perfect for filling waterbrushes while out sketching.

Art Toolkit 2.0

I’m thrilled to announce upgrades to the Art Toolkit!