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Around Town

I’ve had fun sketching around town this last week.

Pocket Palette in Action: Kirkland

Sketches from Kirkland’s Marina Park by Anna Braden.

Daniel Smith events

I had a wonderful time with Daniel Smith this past week.

Pocket Palette in Action

Janet shares her lovely sketches from her travels to Germany.

Mixing Pans

I’m experimenting with an extra-large mixing pan for the Pocket Palette.

San Juan Vacation

Sketches from my San Juan island adventure vacation.

Pocket Palette in Action

The palette is put to use to create a lovely sketch in Pennsylvania.

Storing Sketches

These are my solutions for storing my Art Toolkit field sketches.

Waterbrush Refill Syringe

This small syringe is perfect for filling waterbrushes while out sketching.

Art Toolkit 2.0

I’m thrilled to announce upgrades to the Art Toolkit!

Photo Studio

My studio is temporarily transformed for photography.


I’ve had fun testing pencils this week for the soon-to-be-released, upgraded Art Toolkit 2.0!

Art Toolkit in Action

Canadian artist Bette takes her Art Toolkit to Turkey and Malaysia!

Pocket Palette in Action

Artist Charles Kearns in New Jersey shares his color explorations and sketches with his Pocket Palette.

Pocket Palette Update

Announcing updates to the Pocket Palette and tips for cleaning it.

Lake Lillian

A sketch and photos from my recent hike to the Olympic National Park.

Black or Grey

I’m considering changing the Art Toolkit color, do you have a preference?

Pocket Palette in Action

Scientific illustrator VĂ©ronique Robigou shares her field sketch of the Washington Monument.

Art Toolkit in Action, Sonya

Beautiful sketches from the Pacific Northwest and Greenland shared by Sonya Campion.

Palette Choices

Color is a personal choice and everyone I know has their favorite pigments, brands and go-to mixes.

Painting with Vodka

I add vodka to my waterbrushes to help keep them from freezing, a trick I learned from Edward WIlson.

Greenland Update

It’s been a thrilling past week of settling into Niaqornat, learning about science, and field sketching.