From the field to the studio

I’ve painted on every continent, joining scientists and local communities to inspire environmental awareness through art.


Witnessing Climate Change

45 Years in the Arctic

The Black Guillemot is a circumpolar seabird, whose Arctic populations are associated with sea ice throughout the year. With 45 consecutive years of field research, George Divoky has created a unique, extended data set that provides compelling evidence of the biological consequences of a warming Arctic. This summer of 2019, I am collaborating with George Divoky and science educator Katie Morrison to create a series of paintings and stories that illustrate biological, atmospheric, and emotional impacts of climate change. Morrison and I will travel to Cooper Island to work with Divoky for two weeks, collecting images and audio recordings that will be the basis for developing multimedia materials, hands-on workshops, and an interdisciplinary exhibition.


Imaging the Arctic

Communicating Climate Science through Art

This interdisciplinary collaboration with scientist Dr. Kristin Laidre explores the effects of sea ice loss on polar bears and narwhals, iconic species of the Arctic. I joined Dr. Laidre to Greenland in Spring 2013 and we are developing a suite of materials for presentations, workshops, and exhibitions.


North Cascades

From the Foothills to the Alpline

The North Cascades mountain range in NW Washington state is home to more than 700 glaciers, the greatest concentration of ice in the contiguous United States. I am exploring the region to appreciate the diverse habitats supported by snow and ice.


On Wing

Long Distance Migration

Traversing countries and continents, long distance migratory birds are true global citizens and emblems for climate change awareness and environmental protection. Throughout my travels, I have closely observed Arctic Terns and Hudsonian Godwits.


High Latitudes

Art and Science in the Arctic

In 2005 and 2010, I traveled to Greenland where I painted alongside scientists and in local communities. The result is a collection of sketches, paintings, and stories that I hope may spark interest in and stewardship for the Arctic and our global environment.



The Warming Peninsula

The Antarctic Peninsula is warming faster than any other part of Antarctica. I traveled around the region with Quark Expeditions in 2006 and 2010. My experiences and field sketches have inspired a series of paintings exploring iceberg forms.



Exploring the world through art

The practice of sketching and close observation awakens the senses and cultivates curiosity. I'm happy to share sketches from my far-flung and urban explorations and hope to inspire you to carry a sketchbook!


My Complete Collection

Browse my portfolio of field and studio paintings from around the world.