The practice of sketching and close observation awakens the senses and cultivates curiosity.

I’m happy to share sketches from my far-flung and urban explorations and hope to inspire you to carry a sketchbook! I believe in art as a tool for observation, to slow down, pay attention, and learn about our surroundings.

Urban and Travel Sketching

I’ve always used my sketchbook as a means of self-expression. When I was nine years old, my family traveled to Japan and I discovered my sketchbook as a means for connection and communication. Drawing with friends, art bridged language barriers. Since then, I’ve carried my sketchbook on all of my adventures, regions including:

  • Eastern Canada: Nova Scotia, Newfoundland, and Labrador
  • Juneau Icefield, Alaska
  • Marquises Islands, French Polynesia
  • New Zealand and the Cook Islands, South Pacific
  • Mali, West Africa
  • Tibet, China
  • Pacific NW, my beloved home!

Over the course of my travels, I developed the compact, and rugged Art Toolkit sketching supplies that I am happy offer for sale in my shop. I hope you feel inspired to explore the world through art! In the words of my first grade teacher and peace activist Aki Kurose, “a creative person is never bored.” Look for more great resources and inspiration on Urban Sketchers.

Bird Studies

Throughout my explorations, I have grown increasingly curious about natural history and have committed myself to a self-guided study the environment. Starting with birds of the NW, I have created a series of small compositions, each featuring one bird with notes about its life and habitat. I have completed over 70 “Bird of the Day” cards, a selection of which you may view in my Portfolio.

I carry my small Nikon 7×15 monocular and iPhone everywhere for bird-spotting and use the following resources for identification and learning.