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Exhibit Presentation and Catalog!

Join me for a free museum presentation and our exhibition catalog is available!

Opening Soon! New Work

Final preparations for the Witnessing Climate Change exhibit

Expedition Artists and Science Exploration

I’m featured in an article in the PNAS and am completing new sketches.

Back to my Studio

I’m developing work for a fall exhibition.

Lessons from Expeditions

Do expedition skills apply to pandemic life?

Atmospheric Landscapes Online Workshop

Join me live as I explore creating atmospheric paintings with a limited palette.

A Closer Look

Planting seeds of curiosity and wonder through nature journaling.

Palettes of Place: the Pacific Northwest

A new limited-edition collaboration with artist Molly Hashimoto.

Tools For Research: Monitoring the Colony

Sketches and observations of research tools.

New Art Toolkit Website!

We have a new website for the Art Toolkit.

A Math Problem

Help us calculate permutations!

Climate Curiosity Expo

Join me at the Pacific Science Center Feb. 28-29!

Cleaning the Pocket Palette

Video demo with tips and techniques.

Tools for Inspiration

What do you carry for inspiration to keep you going?

Filling Palette Pans

I made a video demonstration with tips for filling palette pans.

Behind the Data: Every Egg, Every Chick

Collecting data on Cooper Island.

Expeditionary Art Palette

A palette filled with 14 of my favorite paints.

Atmospheric Landscapes Demo

Video demo for creating simple, layered landscapes.


I’ve teamed up with my talented friends to offer a giveaway.

Cooper Island: First Impressions

Exploring camp and colors.

The North Slope

Sketches and stories from my travel to Arctic Alaska.

Demi Palette & Palette Variations

Meet the newest member of the Art Toolkit family!