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Sketching with Che & Stella

Sketches from a special day out together to a garden along the Salish Sea.

Seattle Sketch Crawl

I had a blast sketching with TRAVELER’S CO USA and the Seattle Urban Sketchers last week.

KUOW Radio Interview & Art Toolkit Update

I was recently interview on KUOW and want to share a few Art Toolkit updates.

Lessons from Expeditions

Do expedition skills apply to pandemic life?

A Closer Look

Planting seeds of curiosity and wonder through nature journaling.

30×30 Watercolor 2019, Part 1

A series of small, fast, watercolor sketches.

30×30 Direct Watercolor Challenge: Second Beach

Sketches inspired by a family adventure.

30×30 Direct Watercolor Challenge: Part 1

A recap of my sketches and experiences.

Vancouver Island Part III

I recently spent a week on the west coast of Vancouver Island

Summer explorations

A look into my summer sketchbook with local adventures.

Ferry Love

The WA State ferry system turns 65 years this month.

Fremont Landmarks

My art buddy Che and I did a sketch crawl over the holidays.

Looking Up & Small Tools

Sketching trees and experimenting with a new tool.

Happy Fall!

Sketching at a pumpkin farm and exploring a new travel brush.

Back to Sketching

I’m back to sketching, this time with the company of my daughter!

Summer Plans

I’ll be getting to know the newest member of our family.

Sketching Boats

Finding inspiration at the Center for Wooden boats in Seattle.

Sketching Warm Up

Try creating a small series of thumbnail sketches.

Spring Sketching Inspiration

The world is becoming more colorful!

Port Townsend Camp

I spent last week in Port Townsend sketching with a school group.

Travel Brushes

I’m experimenting with travel brushes in my art kit.

Around Town

I’ve had fun sketching around town this last week.