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I sketched a beautiful, recently dead Kingfisher.

Carleton College

A few sketches from my Carleton College reunion.

Weekend Sketches

Sketches from a weekend exploring Seattle by bike and boat.

Mixing Pans

I’m experimenting with an extra-large mixing pan for the Pocket Palette.

Around Town

I’ve had fun sketching this week in between studio work and errands.

Signs of Spring

Sketching coy earthmovers in the neighborhood.

Seattle sketches

I’m inspired to sketch more around Seattle and enjoyed seeing a jazz show last night.


This cabbages are inspired by my visit to the Farmers Market.


This 5″ x 5 ” sketch is inspired by this morning’s sunrise.

Full Moon setting

A 5″ x 5″ sketch inspired by my early morning walk to the coffee shop.

Shilshole Boat Race

This plein air sketch was completed from Shilshole Marina in Seattle.


A plein air sketch of Greenlake on a beautiful, sunny afternoon.


A 5″ x 5″ sketch of Mt. Rainier inspired by my morning run.