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Going big!

How I prep for large scale watercolors including a studio timelapse.

From the Field to the Studio

A look at my process developing studio paintings from my fieldwork.

Approaching Painting

An example of my process developing studies for a painting.

Pigments from the Ground Up

I attended a presentation and manufacturing tour by the owner and chief chemist of Daniel Smith.

Palette Choices

Color is a personal choice and everyone I know has their favorite pigments, brands and go-to mixes.

Arctic Terns Landing

This is the first in a series of paintings exploring Arctic Terns’ movement.


My sketch of our first hummingbird visitor and the techniques I used.

Storm Front

See and learn about the process and behind my new painting, “Storm Front”.

Aspen Series Timelapse

Technique and time-lapse video for painting three Aspen watercolors.

Spring Green

Detailed technique and process for my “Spring Green” painting.

Methow Palette

Exploring color with palette and landscape studies.

Antarctic Series

Featuring my new “Blocky Berg” iceberg painting.

Color Chips

Experimenting with warm and cool glazes of color.


Illustrated explanation of how I use Bento 3 to manage my business and three new bird studies.

Pyramid Peak Watercolor

Illustrated demonstration of painting a mountain watercolor from thumbnail sketches to final painting.

Alaska Commission

Antarctic Watercolors

Easton Icefall

Stretching Big Paper

Walnut Ink

Glazes and Masking