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Cleaning the Pocket Palette

Video demo with tips and techniques.

Filling Palette Pans

I made a video demonstration with tips for filling palette pans.

Expeditionary Art Palette

A palette filled with 14 of my favorite paints.

Atmospheric Landscapes Demo

Video demo for creating simple, layered landscapes.

Life of a Painting

Development of a painting, from field sketch to gallery wall!

Autumn Inspiration

A demonstration featuring my favorite techniques and a time-lapse video.

Nature Journaling with Kids

Tips and resources for exploring the world through art.

Sketching Winter Landscapes

Tips and techniques for winter sketching.

Fresh Palettes for Vacation

I’ve prepped my palettes with fresh colors for an adventure to Vancouver Island.

Sketching Warm Up

Try creating a small series of thumbnail sketches.

Gesture Sketching

Inspiration for gesture sketching from a recent workshop.

Transferring Images

My techniques for working with tracing paper.

Flatten Watercolors

How I flatten my watercolor paintings before framing.


Behind the scenes of a new iceberg painting.

Travel Brushes

I’m experimenting with travel brushes in my art kit.

Ink & Watercolor Video

Check out my video on sketching in the North Cascades!

Ink and Watercolor

A look at my favorite waterproof pens and some recent sketches.

Imaging the Arctic Exhibition

Learn about my upcoming exhibit and see the process behind a new painting.

Storing Sketches

These are my solutions for storing my Art Toolkit field sketches.

Limited Palettes

Suggestions and examples for painting with limited palettes.

Awareness of Value

Practice painting value sketches to build awareness of light and dark.

Tearing Paper

Here’s my technique for tearing watercolor paper.