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Home from the Grand Canyon

Sketches and update from my trip down the Colorado River.

Snowy Sketching

Sketches, photos, and stories from hut skiing in the Methow Valley.

My Ideal Palette

Sketched ideas for my ideal watercolor palette.

Hidden Lake Lookout

Sketches, video, photos, and details from my hike to the Hidden Lake Peaks in the North Cascades.

Golden Larches

Sketch of the golden larches from Harts Pass.

Home from Greenland

Home safe from Greenland and a few highlights from my expedition.

Field Sketches and New Tripod

Sketches and introduction to my new field tripod.

What brings you “ikigai”?

Reflections on what brings satisfaction, featuring a TED talk and sketches.

Magnificent Clouds

Sketch and time-lapse video of magnificent cumulus clouds.

Methow Palette

Exploring color with palette and landscape studies.

Hut Skiing

Sketches from Gardner Hut in the Methow Valley. My paints were freezing on my paper.

Changing Seasons

The Aspens are brilliant yellow with the changing season.

Wilderness First Responder

Ocean Watch

Afternoon Sketches

Adventurous Eating

Easton Icefall

Walnut Ink

Boating Adventures

It’s my birthday!

Water-Soluble Ink