Funny, I don’t feel any older. I’m 27 today and time just seems to pass all the more quickly. I try to remember to lean back in time instead of rushing forward in anticipation of what’s to come. Art and observation is part of this, taking time to appreciate the small details of the world: finding patterns in colors, noticing the sky, listening to the soundscape…  Lately I’ve been trying to limit demands on my time, too, turning off my email and phone for stretches of the day, allowing myself more focus and quiet. On that note, I’m easing back into my studio and projects. Below is a recent bird card (I’m feeling inspired to study sea birds after a recent ferry ride to the Kitsap Peninsula), a studio warm-up watercolor, and a photo of my workspace. A note on my studio, I use a folding Norden Ikea table to save space, and next to it have a large drafting table. The light is all right, but I don’t have a great view out the window. Just yesterday I installed a shoji windowscreen which gives me more privacy while allowing light through. It’s all coming together!