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Singla Creative Residency

I’m excited to paint on an arctic island in Norway this summer.

Behind the Data: Every Egg, Every Chick

Collecting data on Cooper Island.

Cooper Island: First Impressions

Exploring camp and colors.

The North Slope

Sketches and stories from my travel to Arctic Alaska.

Sketching Rockets

My experience sketching with NASA was captured beautifully in this short video.

30×30 Direct Watercolor Challenge: Second Beach

Sketches inspired by a family adventure.

Love and Compassion

I want to stand up for love and compassion in the USA.

Tabular Icebergs

Tabular iceberg studies from the Antarctic Peninsula.

Antarctic Peninsula

Field paintings and update from the Antarctic Peninsula.

South Shetlands

Painting rocks, ice, and penguins.

Southern Patagonia by Sea

Sketches and paintings for the Southern Patagonia coast.

Heading South!

I’m in South America on my way to Antarctica.

Girls on Ice, Mt. Baker

Sketches and stories from Mt. Baker and visiting Girls on Ice 2013.

From the Field to the Studio

A look at my process developing studio paintings from my fieldwork.

Up in the Air!

I took a hot air balloon ride! It’s been a long-time dream.

Happy New Year!

Best wishes for 2013! This is a sketch I completed from Cougar Mountain in the Methow Valley.

Royal Valley

Sketches from the Royal Valley basin in Olympic National Park.

Mt. Rainier

I spent last weekend in the foothills of Mt. Rainier with blue bird skies.

San Juan Islands

I’m back in town after a relaxing vacation in the San Juan Islands.

Exploration Watercolors

New 5″ x 5″ watercolors featuring the North Cascades as I warm up and explore compositions in my studio.

Stormy Weather

Sketches from my adventure to Richmond Beach Saltwater park on a stormy springtime day.

In Search of Whales

A sketch, photos, and story from a ferry boat adventure looking for whales.