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Field Notes #2: Narwhal Research

Narwhals spend the winter in the extreme pack ice environment of eastern Canada and Greenland.

Painting with Vodka

I add vodka to my waterbrushes to help keep them from freezing, a trick I learned from Edward WIlson.

Greenland Update

It’s been a thrilling past week of settling into Niaqornat, learning about science, and field sketching.

Field Notes #1: Niaqornat

Our first phase of fieldwork is based out of the small settlement of Niaqornat.


I’ve arrived in Greenland and it is unseasonably warm.

Greenland Expedition & Project

I will travel to Greenland this March 2013 for my new interdisciplinary project, Imaging the Arctic.

Life Cycles and Climate

Catching Godwits

Finding Godwits

Tracking Godwits

I am tramping around in sub-arctic peat bogs and tidal flats with scientist Nathan Senner.

Settling into Beluga

Getting to know Beluga, Alaska, where I’m learning about migratory birds.


I made it safely to Beluga, Alaska! It was a grey, rainy trip.

Arctic Terns Landing

This is the first in a series of paintings exploring Arctic Terns’ movement.

Yellow Tern

This painting continues my themes of saturated colors and Arctic Terns.


This 5″x5″ sketch is inspired by my travel along the NE Greenland coast.

Arctic Terns

The incredible migration of Arctic Terns between the Arctic and Antarctica continues to inspire me.

Arctic Tern Video

Radio producer Ari Shapiro created a mini-documentary using Google Earth.

Sand Island, 360° Panorama

My new 360° panorama consisting of five panels and based of field sketches from Sand Island, NE Greenland.

Ice Stories: Exhibit Opening

Join me for the “Ice Stories” exhibit opening this Sunday at the WA State Convention Center.

High Latitudes Part 5: Polar Bear Encounters

Learn about my encounters with polar bears in NE Greenland- sketches, photos, and multimedia!

High Latitudes Part 4: Walruses

Learn about walruses and how they are studied by scientists in NE Greenland

Exploration Watercolors

New 5″ x 5″ watercolors featuring the North Cascades as I warm up and explore compositions in my studio.