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New Arctic Tern Paintings

New large watercolors featuring Arctic Terns, amazing birds that make an annual migration of 45,000 miles.

Home from the Grand Canyon

Sketches and update from my trip down the Colorado River.

All’s Well that Bails Well

My first day on the Colorado River in the Grand Canyon.

Off to the Grand Canyon

Details about my Grand Canyon trip and Historic Boats Afloat.

Video: Field Painting

Field sketching in Greenland video.

High Latitudes Part 3: Sand Island

Introduction to Sand Island, Greenland, with sketches, photos, and audio clips.

High Latitudes Part 2: Daneborg, Base of Operations

Introduction to Daneborg in NE Greenland, home to the Sirius Patrol, Nanok, and research projects.

High Latitudes Part 1: Onward and Upward

News and sketches from my voyage to East Greenland.

Home from Greenland

Home safe from Greenland and a few highlights from my expedition.

Where in the world is Maria?

Brief update from Greenland and thank you again to my sponsors!

Off to Greenland

I leave tomorrow for Greenland. Wish me luck!

Wings WorldQuest

My High Latitudes project is recognized as a Wings WorldQuest Flag expedition.

Sound Recorder

Interview with my father as I experiment with my new sound recorder.

Operation Ice Bridge

Details about my father’s polar research and current work with NASA’s Icebridge project.

Toe Shoes in the Mountains

Review of my first backpacking trip wearing Vibram Five Fingers.

Adventurous Eating

Easton Icefall

Field Notes: Travel

Risky Business

Glazes and Masking

Mt. Daniel Ridge Line