This past week I completed my first backpack wearing only my Vibram FiveFingers Sprint toe shoes on my feet along with a pair of Injinji toe socks. I’ve worn FiveFingers for a couple of years ago and am delighted by how they’ve strengthened my feet. My sweetie Darin Reid and I left Stehekin at the head of Lake Chelan (1200 ft.) in the North Cascade Mountains and completed a two night backpack for 21 miles, climbing up to 7400 ft. My feet felt remarkably good as I scrambled over and around logs in burned regions of the hillside, traversed boulder fields, and crossed snow patches. My shoes did show some extra wear, particularly between the toes from the debris and abrasion, but it did not affect their performance. For up the mountains and down, I had no blisters, no knee pain, and the delight of the world beneath my feet!

photo credit: Darin Reid

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