My college (Carleton) alumni magazine the Voice included a profile of me in a recent feature, “Risky Business.” I’ve since been inspired to reflect more upon the theme of risky business.  Aspects of my work and travels have been physically risky. I jumped sailboats in the South Pacific, hiked around Mt. Kailash in Tibet wearing running shoes and Carhartts (including a mountain pass of more than 18,000 ft), lived in the sub-saharan desert for two months with Tuareg, and found myself alone for a night in Greenland’s backcountry at a diamond prospecting camp (that was a surprise! “we plan to be back tomorrow, weather permitting…” read the note they left me in the cook tent). 

Camels in the desert... risky (but such fun) transportation
Camels... risky (but such fun) transportation. Photo credit: Carl Coryell-Martin

There are less tangible risks that I and other artists or entrepreneurs face, though. While in Greenland, a friend of mine asked, “are you ever afraid to ask for what you want?” Well, sure, but what are the consequences of not asking? Any time we try anything new, we risk pushing our comfort zones. In following our dreams, we risk losing them. Perhaps even more intimidating, we risk succeeding at them! It’s a risk I gladly take.