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Saturday: Studio Moving Sale!

I’m moving at the end of the month and clearing out my studio.

Casting Wedding Rings

Illustrated explanation of how metalsmith Colin Kippen cast our wedding rings.

Toe Shoes in the Mountains

Review of my first backpacking trip wearing Vibram Five Fingers.

Pyramid Peak Watercolor

Illustrated demonstration of painting a mountain watercolor from thumbnail sketches to final painting.

Artists in the Backcountry: Tony Foster

Interview with one of my inspirations, British artist Tony Foster.

Radio Interview

Radio clip from “Ends of Earth” radio program featuring my expeditionary art.

Workshop: Keeping a Travel Journal

Alaska Commission

Antarctic Watercolors


Custom Wedding Rings (Part II)

Wilderness First Responder


Great Weekend and Learning to Save Lives

Prints in Progress

Ocean Watch

Linoleum Prints!

Afternoon Sketches

Bookmaking Class

Adventurous Eating

Easton Icefall

Habib Koite and Bamada