Moving is always more time and energy consuming than I think it will be! I’m finally feeling caught up and settled in my new studio- back in the swing of things! Here’s a peek into my new studio space. It’s fantastic—a bit larger than in the past and the real treat is having french doors. With one additional window, the light is lovely for painting.


Most of furniture either folds up for compact storage (check out my Ikea table in action here), or is on wheels, including my new shelf made with Storable’s Industrial Post Shelving. Now that I’m all set up, I’m busy preparing work for the show, Ice Stories (, opening November 9th at the Washington State Convention Center, and in collaboration with artists Anna McKee and Cynthia Camlin.  For the show, I’m continuing to develop work from my 2010 Greenland expedition and remain fascinated by Arctic Terns. With their annual bi-polar migration (44,000+ miles!), they are true global citizens.

“Flight”, 23″ x 17″ watercolor

P.S. I’ll be sending out postcards for the “Ice Stories” show in a couple of weeks! Let me know if you’d like one.