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Painting Cloudscapes

Learn about painting expressive skies with watercolor at my upcoming free Daniel Smith demos.

Fall Colors painting retreat

I invite you to join me for my Fall Colors painting retreat in the Methow Valley from September 30th—October 2nd.

Matting Paintings

I’m preparing for travel, moving, and my next exhibit! Check out a sneak preview of a few pieces.

Art Toolkit

My Art Toolkit is now available in my shop! Learn all about the kit and how I developed it.

Cirrus Painting

A sneak peak at one of my latest paintings: a vertical panorama!

Gallery West Show

Learn the details of my Gallery West show in Stehekin, Washington.

High Latitudes Part 4: Walruses

Learn about walruses and how they are studied by scientists in NE Greenland

Exploration Watercolors

New 5″ x 5″ watercolors featuring the North Cascades as I warm up and explore compositions in my studio.

Gallery 206

A phone booth art gallery opens in Seattle on May 31. My art is included in the phone book!

Cooper’s Hawk

Bird of the Day card featuring Cooper’s Hawk. I’ve enjoyed hearing and seeing these birds around the neighborhood!

From Decline to Rebirth

Listen to my conversation and others about the future of natural history on the Decline to Rebirth website.

New Arctic Tern Paintings

New large watercolors featuring Arctic Terns, amazing birds that make an annual migration of 45,000 miles.

Stormy Weather

Sketches from my adventure to Richmond Beach Saltwater park on a stormy springtime day.

In Search of Whales

A sketch, photos, and story from a ferry boat adventure looking for whales.

Natural History Network

Information about my upcoming participation with a Natural History Network workshop.

Presentation in Seattle

Information about my presentation at the Greenwood Library in Seattle.

Home from the Grand Canyon

Sketches and update from my trip down the Colorado River.

All’s Well that Bails Well

My first day on the Colorado River in the Grand Canyon.

Off to the Grand Canyon

Details about my Grand Canyon trip and Historic Boats Afloat.

Aspen Series Timelapse

Technique and time-lapse video for painting three Aspen watercolors.

Snowy Sketching

Sketches, photos, and stories from hut skiing in the Methow Valley.