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Thank you for coming!

Opening night for Imaging the Arctic was thrilling, thank you everyone who came!

Show Opening Thursday!

Imaging the Arctic opens this week in Seattle.

Framing and Printing

I’m preparing Imaging the Arctic materials for exhibit.

Niaqornat Mountains

My latest painting and First Tuesday lecture details.


Behind the scenes of a new iceberg painting.


Icebergs continue to inspire me as I develop work for my fall Imaging the Arctic exhibit in Seattle.

Imaging the Arctic Exhibition

Learn about my upcoming exhibit and see the process behind a new painting.

Large Ice Floes

This is another painting from my aerial ice series, inspired by my time in Greenland.

Ice Floe Panorama

A new painting and news about my upcoming Science Cafe in Fairbanks.

Whatcom Museum Event

The Whatcom Museum presentation was great fun, thank you to everyone who attended!

Ummannaq Fjord from Niaqornat

Another completed field sketch accompanied by a time-lapse from Greenland!

The Arctic Journal

The Arctic Journal recently published a profile of Imaging the Arctic.

Sled Dogs on White

I’m nearing the end of my sled dog series with these three on white.

More Sled Dogs

My sled dog series continues! The backgrounds are inspired by polar light and colorful Greenlandic houses.

Sled Dogs

I’m working on a series of paintings exploring Greenlandic sled dog behavior and character.

Field Notes #4: Outreach

My first priority in Kullorsuaq was to connect with the school and offer a series of workshops.

Field Notes #3: Kullorsuaq

We flew north to the settlement Kullorsuaq for our second phase of Greenland fieldwork.

From the Field to the Studio

A look at my process developing studio paintings from my fieldwork.

Palette Choices

Color is a personal choice and everyone I know has their favorite pigments, brands and go-to mixes.

Audio Postcard

This is an audio postcard from my recent Greenland expedition that aired on public radio.

Field Notes #2: Narwhal Research

Narwhals spend the winter in the extreme pack ice environment of eastern Canada and Greenland.

Painting with Vodka

I add vodka to my waterbrushes to help keep them from freezing, a trick I learned from Edward WIlson.