Read about the latest update and tips from Dec 2014.

This summer marks the two year anniversary of the Art Toolkit and Pocket Palette! I’ve been thrilled to ship them to artists in locales as diverse as Australia, Norway, Brazil, and Hong Kong. This summer I’d like to announce a few updates to the Palette. First off, no more plastic sleeve! Instead the palette is now packaged in a snazzy reusable cloth pouch.


Next, I have a new jumbo pan size available! These square pans are twice as large as the standard pans and are useful for carrying larger quantities of paint or as an additional mixing surface.


The palette can hold a maximum of six, which are available as a set in my shop for $5.


Finally, I’d like to share an update about one of my own palettes and how I’ve maintained it over the past two years.


My palettes often get messy and I usually just use a waterbrush and towel to give them a quick wipe down before use. Every month or so, I do a more thorough cleaning and remove all the pans. Sometimes they need an extra wiggle if paint has dried in between their edges.


You may notice minor rust on the pans, particularly around their base. This has never been an issue for me in my own travels with the palette around the world, from the Pacific NW to Greenland and SE Asia. The pans are made of tin-plate (in contrast to the aluminum alloy palette case) and I prefer them for their magnetic responsiveness. I’ve never had to replace a pan due to its condition, and I definitely love mixing and matching the colors I carry in the palette!


Here’s my palette after a good rinse and wipe down. I use some gentle detergent and Bon Ami to clean off any paint residue. Then I put it all back together and refill my used paint! Now my palette is all set for my next adventure.