I love human propelled activities and with gas prices high and beautiful weather, I’ve been using my bike trailer more often. I call it the “caboose” and it’s a Burley Flatbed tailer that allows me to haul loads behind my bike of up to 100 lbs. It’s balanced, handles well, and only adds a little drag… Ok, hills can be a bit painful. One of these days I’ll get better gearing for hauling with my road bike.

I generally use the trailer with a large plastic bin which I can fill with all sorts of gear. The bin is waterproof, easy to secure, and I like that it’s opaque and keeps contents hidden.

Another bike set up for hauling that I’ve seen around Seattle that I may invest in sometime is the Xtracycle hitchless trailer that gives you a “sport utility bicycle.” They’re quite versatile with carrying loads well and even passengers!

There’s a fantastic site cargocycling.org if you’d like to learn more about car alternatives.