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Cleaning the Pocket Palette

Video demo with tips and techniques.

Filling Palette Pans

I made a video demonstration with tips for filling palette pans.

Atmospheric Landscapes Demo

Video demo for creating simple, layered landscapes.

Autumn Inspiration

A demonstration featuring my favorite techniques and a time-lapse video.

Sketching Rockets

My experience sketching with NASA was captured beautifully in this short video.

Ink & Watercolor Video

Check out my video on sketching in the North Cascades!

Going big!

How I prep for large scale watercolors including a studio timelapse.

Arctic Tern Video

Radio producer Ari Shapiro created a mini-documentary using Google Earth.

High Latitudes Part 5: Polar Bear Encounters

Learn about my encounters with polar bears in NE Greenland- sketches, photos, and multimedia!

High Latitudes Part 4: Walruses

Learn about walruses and how they are studied by scientists in NE Greenland

Aspen Series Timelapse

Technique and time-lapse video for painting three Aspen watercolors.

Hidden Lake Lookout

Sketches, video, photos, and details from my hike to the Hidden Lake Peaks in the North Cascades.

Video: Field Painting

Field sketching in Greenland video.

High Latitudes Part 3: Sand Island

Introduction to Sand Island, Greenland, with sketches, photos, and audio clips.

Magnificent Clouds

Sketch and time-lapse video of magnificent cumulus clouds.

Wilco at the Paramount

Video of a sketch done with the Brushes app on my new iPod Touch.