I love sketching with waterbrushes in the field. They help keep my Art Toolkit simple, and I don’t have to worry about carrying traditional brushes and water containers. Still, waterbrushes can be a hassle to refill without spilling water, which I’m especially mindful of when I’m out hiking where water is scarce. My solution is to carry a small 3ml syringe to help transfer water from my water bottle to brush without losing a drop. I am happy to announce that I now to offer a waterbrush refill syringe in my shop.


It’s approximately 3″ when closed with a 3/8″ plastic tip (no needle!) that fits perfectly in a waterbrush barrel.


I keep my syringe in one of the small rear pockets of my Art Toolkit so I’ve always got it with me.


I love hearing about off-beat tools to use in the field. Let me know any favorites you’ve discovered!