I love hearing how others use their Art Toolkit on adventures near and far. Canadian artist Bette Belanger sent me her lively sketches from Turkey and Malaysia. Her work brings to mind a topic I often discuss with workshops: differences between making a sketch and taking a photograph. I typically hear the standard, “well, different equipment”, “sketching takes longer” followed by more reflections of how a sketch “is through your eyes, can be simplified, edited…” What it comes down to for me, is that a sketchbook can transform us from passive onlookers to active observers, paying close attention to the world and creating vivid memories (Photography can do the same for some folks, I love cameras and am not knocking them!). Bette’s sketches are a wonderful glimpse into her rich travels, I thank her for sharing! You can also see more Malaysia sketches on her blog.





If you have sketches or stories of your explorations with your Art Toolkit or Pocket Palette you’d like share, please email me.