My dear friend Josh Deutsch is an incredibly talented jazz trumpet musician and composer. Josh lives in New York and is currently working on the debut album for a wonderful project that features the traditional music of Pannonia, a country he’s imagined where music, dance, and storytelling come first. I’ve collaborated with Josh to create cover art for the album, Another Time, Another Place, traveling to Pannonia through his beautiful music. Josh has a Kickstarter project to launch this debut album, please consider backing his project!

Final ink and watercolor cover art for Pannonia, where music, dance, and storytelling come first

For the art, Josh asked that I include elements of Pannonia that are featured in his songs, such as a dirigible, funicular, as well as a sense of festivity. I was inspired by picture books, especially Anno’s Journey, to create a window to a lovely landscape. The final piece above was developed through the following sketches.

Initial ink and watercolor Pannonia sketch
Sketching out more of a party for Pannonia
Ink version of final Pannonia