When I paint, I can listen to all sorts of audio- sometimes news radio podcasts, sometimes music… it’s as if the right side of my brain is engaged fully with my art, but my left side can process words and music. Lately I’ve had a crush on the radio station WNYC¬†and want to share their programs that have captured my attention. First, Radio Lab, a program that delves into science, philosophy, and human experience. I’ve learned about sleep, laughter, memory… it’s an awesome show. I discovered Radiolab after they were first featured on This American Life (a favorite of mine). What’s really caught my attention this week with WNYC, though, is hearing their Wordless Music featured concerts. They blur the boundaries between classical chamber music and electronica. I love the result and the layered sounds have been the sound track for my latest watercolor explorations. Speaking of which… here’s a recent effort painting an icefall on the Easton Glacier (Mt. Baker) and exploring the abstractions of ice.

Icefall, watercolor, 22.5" x 16.5"