Exploring the form of a polar bear skull, photo by Kay French

I had a blast at the Burke Museum this Saturday teaching “Field Sketching: Arctic Animals.” The museum generously provided our workshop with a number of beautiful specimens, including two mounted Arctic foxes, a walrus skull, a polar bear skull, and an Arctic tern wing and skull. They were inspiring! We spent the┬ámorning sketching foxes with gestures and contours.

Arctic fox gestures, 10 seconds to 1 minute

In the afternoon, we completed longer watercolor studies. I demonstrated how pieces can be first sketched on tracing paper, then transferred to a final sheet of art paper for completion. We worked on my favorite toned paper, Arches Cover Cream paper, using white gouache for highlights.

Check out that walrus skull!

The afternoon flew by. Thank you to everyone who joined me, and to the Burke Museum and Nordic Heritage Museum for making the workshop possible!

Beautiful bear skull study by Kay French