My show opening May 2nd at the Nordic Heritage Museum in Seattle was wonderful! A big thank you to Kirsten Olsen at the museum and all of the volunteers who hung the show and helped make it all possible. (Also a thank you to the lovely ladies who created marvelous Scandinavian hors d’oeuvres for the evening!) My paintings look the best they ever have. The gallery preview was combined with a visit by the Norwegian Ambassador to the US (Wegger Chr. Strommen) and over 200 people attended. So in addition to seeing my paintings, Caryl Utigard’s photographs of birds from Iceland, and Eliot O’Hara’s stunning watercolors from Norway, everyone learned about Norwegian Communities. One comment from the Ambassador that stuck with me was a quip he made to the Norwegian government: that he “has more people.” There are 5 million people in the United States who identify as Norwegian American and 4.6 million citizens of Norway.

If you are in town or passing through, my show runs through June 1st. This May 13th, 7pm, I’m also giving a presentation about my work in Greenland at the museum and would be delighted to see you there. People are asking me now, “What’s next?” Well, this Spring I’m developing my Antarctic and North Cascades portfolios and am looking for future exhibition venues. During the Summer I plan more fieldwork in the North Cascades Mountain Range and potentially in Glacier National Park.

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photo credit: Benjamin Drummond