Almost every morning this past week I’ve run outside with my husband to investigate a new bird we’ve heard or spotted. Springtime is marvelous with so many species back after winter! Here are some of my week’s sightings:

Great Horned Owl: The past few mornings I’ve heard a Great Horned Owl pair calling to each other in the early dawn. I love waking up to their soft “Hoos.” I’ve seen them once, but could only make out their large silhouettes against the deep blue sky.

California Quail: These were around during the winter, ┬ábut lately I’ve enjoyed seeing them dash across the road while I run. They somehow manage to look dignified as they hurry along, their feet just a blur beneath their bodies.

Western Meadowlark: This one is a treat with its beautiful song warbling melodically over the landscape. In spite of the morning chill, I’ve opened my office window so I can hear them better.