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Black Tern

My Arctic Tern explorations continue with my 24th 5×5 painting!

Sitting out the Storm

This painting is inspired by my current focus on Arctic Terns and today’s stormy weather!

Yellow Tern

This painting continues my themes of saturated colors and Arctic Terns.

Albatross Flight

This sketch is inspired by my time in the Falkland Islands.

Ice shelf

This sketch is inspired by a photo my father took with the NASA IceBridge project in Antarctica.


This 5″x5″ sketch is inspired by my travel along the NE Greenland coast.

Take Off

This Albatross is inspired by my 2008 visit to the Falkland Islands.

Arctic Terns

The incredible migration of Arctic Terns between the Arctic and Antarctica continues to inspire me.

Dawn Arrival

A Twin Otter, the most charming of planes, coming in to land.


This painting is inspired by my time with a walrus research team during my High Latitudes expedition in 2010.

Ringed Plover

This painting is inspired by the Ringed Plover I spotted and sketched in NE Greenland in 2010.


My sketch of our first hummingbird visitor and the techniques I used.

Ready for Spring

This sketch is inspired by my thoughts of the coming spring. I’m ready for it!


This cabbages are inspired by my visit to the Farmers Market.

Sub-Alpine Tree Study

This sketch is inspired by a hike I did to the Hidden Lake Lookout.


This 5″ x 5 ” sketch is inspired by this morning’s sunrise.

Full Moon setting

A 5″ x 5″ sketch inspired by my early morning walk to the coffee shop.

Shilshole Boat Race

This plein air sketch was completed from Shilshole Marina in Seattle.


A plein air sketch of Greenlake on a beautiful, sunny afternoon.


A 5″ x 5″ sketch of Mt. Rainier inspired by my morning run.


I spent a beautiful late afternoon in Seattle sketching at the Union Bay Natural Area.

Birches at Dusk

Number two in my 5″ x 5″ series of sketches for the month.