Happy February! Instead of new year’s resolutions, I prefer to make monthly goals for myself. For January, my project was to stretch every morning for 15 minutes and complete a set of physical therapy exercises (tendonitis issues). It’s now a habit to stretch first thing before breakfast and I’m ready for another project.

This month, my goal is to paint 25 5″x5″ watercolor sketches. Years ago I learned to accept that my studio time ebbs and flows with periods of “CPR”: concentration, preparation, and rest (read more about my work rhythms). Lately I’ve been in a period of preparation, working on applications and planning ahead for the coming months and years. I’m ready now to concentrate on painting! This evening I prepped 25 pieces of Arches 140lb cold press watercolor paper, and I intend to do about one sketch a day and post them here. Stay tuned!

5" x 5" #1: Fall Colors, Hidden Lake Lookout Trail