Some days are easier than others with painting and I feel like my inspirations and “grooves” ebb and flow. Sometimes I look back on previous work and ask myself, “how did I do that?” I’ve had a few of those days lately and am reminding myself to trust in process and work on painting a little every day. My brother taught me a useful acronym with CPR that I often think about.

C: Concentration     P: Preparation     R: Rest

I think this applies in various degrees to how I work during the cycle of days, months, and years. During periods of concentration, I am either in the field paintings or focused in my studio, working productively. During periods of preparation, I’m doing things like applying for opportunities, organizing my finances, and updating my website. And finally, with rest, I try to kick-back and relax. It’s sometimes easier said than done!

Lately I’ve been in an overall period of preparation and I’m allowing myself recognize that I’ve been working, but not completing as many finished paintings as I’d like to. There have been big changes in my home/studio environment, and I’ve been adapting to them. My brother and his partner moved to Singapore (we’d been living all together for 2 years) earlier this month, I reorganized my studio/office into a much more workable space (I love having more work surfaces!), and my boyfriend and I have been making plans for our future this fall when we will have to move. Meanwhile, though, I have been exploring mediums, making studies, and developing plans for future exhibitions. I’m delighted to announce that I have two scheduled for this Fall: Mithun Architecture firm will exhibit of my North Cascades field and studio work this November 14 through January and I will also show work (T.B.A.) at the lovely Laurelhurst Community Center. Deadlines are useful tools and with these plans made, I feel myself ready to shift gears into a period of concentration for painting. I’m excited about the material I have and am also starting an advanced watercolor painting class at Gage Academy with Tom Hoffman which will give me support and inspiration from other artists.

After looking back on my mixed media/conté crayon pieces, I’ve decided to complete a series and look for a fun venue to exhibit them in. Today I finished another and now have a total of eight with more in progress.

Have a great weekend! I’m off to Orcas Island tomorrow for the wedding of a dear friend.

Chinny-chin-chin-strap penguin, 8" x 10" mixed media
Chinny-chin-chin-strap penguin, 8″ x 10″ mixed media