I spent the day making color studies for some paintings and exploring mixtures. I’m interested in painting with more varied color schemes as well as more expressively. One useful resource I’ve discovered through my teacher and artist friend Tom Hoffmann is a book by Tony Couch, “Watercolor, You Can Do It!” His sections on composition and design are thoughtful and his paintings are inspiring. 

Color Study (primarily raw sienna and quinacridone rose)
Today's color study (primarily raw sienna and quinacridone rose)

On another note, I received a manila envelope over the weekend filled with sixteen hand-made thank-you notes from the Methow Community School. They’re really sweet. Turns out my most popular offerings to the students were making gesture drawings together, dipping found objects in ink, and hearing me do a camel call (I had everyone close their eyes before I did that one). Here’s a big thank-you again to the students for being such fun!